A Perfectly Good Bedside Lamp

New Bedside Lamp (left)

My boyfriend's design mantra is "It's a perfectly good (whatever object we are talking about)"

Every piece of furniture we own is second hand. Almost all of it is oak, which toes the line between “classic farm house” and “bad 80’s”. Whenever I attempt to spruce it up – add new drawer pulls and a white coat of paint – or trade it out for something new, he’ll start up again “It’s perfectly good ...”. Sometimes his practicality makes me question his taste.

So, I’m a bit humbled when one of his perfectly good oversized garage-sale atrocities (my words, not his) becomes the best part of a room.

Like his green bedside lamp. It’s a color I would never buy, on a scale too large for our tiny studio apartment. But, I’ve been jealous of it. I’ve dreamt up plans to gain custody of it if we ever broke up.

So, I was even more humbled when he picked out the pretty, antique-store, perfect lamp pair. In my favorite color.

I don’t just love it, I love them together. They are mismatched but complimentary. “His” and “Hers. One is boxy and masculine, the other is curvy and sweet.

I’m going to replace the pagoda shade on the turquoise lamp with a round barrel shade. It’ll look like the Perch "diego desk lamp" (spotted on Oh Joy). Maybe that’s what he had in mind when he picked it out. Or maybe, he was sold when the lamp turned on - when it passed the test of being perfectly good.

His and Hers

[ (1 and 2) on film with Nikon n2000. Not the same magic as the Pentax k1000 - I must say]


  1. Oh this post is delightful! I love the combination of design and love. And turquoise and green. (I'm wearing those colors today, in fact!) <3 all around.

  2. loving your window frames headboard thingy.

    i would be very impressed if my guy brought home such nice lamps. no, shocked into silence more likely.

  3. Wow, that is so sweet! They look perfect together. You have an amazing room by the way!

  4. Oooohhhh I love your over-the-bed decor. I might just have to steal that idea :)

  5. House of Milk : Thank you! They are from a place that goes to demolitions and recycles household items. I got lucky and they were prepainted my color - turquoise.


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