The Times They Are a-Changing

I've never been very good with change. When the time comes, I can't let things go.

But, I promised myself : next time will be different. I won't exhaust myself trying to preserve something that is already gone.

Here I stand again, on the shores of change.  The last two years are in front of me, like a sand castle. I built it joyfully. I turned my back on the impending tide. But, now the waves are coming, wicking away this life I built.  

And, I am not graceful. I am frantic and sad.  I want to destroy the whole thing before it gets taken.
I have to push my hands into my pockets, to keep my heavy fists from pounding into the sand.

My heart still aches knowing that things have to change. 
But, it aches more knowing that I haven't.

[ (1) on film in San Luis Obsipo, California. full frame on flickr]


  1. Oh Sam, this is achingly beautiful. I'm sorry it is provoked by sadness. We really do need to chat soon...

  2. So gorgeous as always....I feel the same way about change...but once your sand castle is gone, you may already be on the way to building another!


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