portland places : Little Bird (on my 24th birthday)

Little Bird : Mini Macarons Little Bird : Champagne Cocktails

Little Bird came back to life when I developed the pictures from my birthday dinner. In the time it takes to finish a roll and process it, the moment feels like magic all over again. There are all sorts of little details I had forgotten : Jamie's new ombre hair and her little harmonica necklace.  Between the darkness and everyone being red-faced (sunburn? champagne? too much blush?) I only got a few good pictures. And, my sister wouldn't let me bring my tri-pod to dinner! Next year I'll stick to my guns.

How does that song go?
"It's my party and I'll bring a 3ft piece of titanium equipment into a fine dining establishment if I want to"

[ on film -  nikon n2000, with vivitar flash]


  1. They're really beautiful photos :) And if it's your birthday dinner then you should take whatever you want! :)

  2. I started laughing at your comment over at Meg's...I was caught reading a book in math class too. I would like to say that is why I entirely stink at math, but I don't think it will fly haha.

    Happy birthday!

  3. I love those little birdie tumbler glasses!


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