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At work, the cute girls at the Front Desk have a tradition called Monday Bun-Day. They're all worn out from the weekend and washing their hair is just too much for a Monday.Rather than rocking the trendy top knot, they all go for the bee hive. Whenever I try and wear my hair up I look like a total slob. So, I asked Tessa and Jamie to give us a little lesson. 
  1. Start with dirty hair. It's easier to work with (and wearing your hair up is a total waste of clean hair!)
  2.  Put it in a pony tail on the crown of your head.
  3. Tease it like your auditioning for an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras. 
  4.  Putting you chin to your chest, let the poofy pony tail spread out evenly around your head like a fountain.
  5.  Take a lock of hair (roughly 1/8th of the total) and make a loose, wide c-shape around the pony tail holder by first coming straight out and then wrapping in an open, circular shape. 
  6.  Pin down the outside edge using a bobby pin. 
  7.  Take the next lock, and use it to fill the inside of the c-shape and extend the circumference of the bun, also in a c-shape. Continue clockwise. 
  8.  Repeat until all the hair is pinned in place.

(photos) on 100iso film & taken with my Pentax k1000


  1. ahh i love this look. you explained it so perfectly. I'm excited to try this out on some friends!

  2. i love this chic up-do! i'm going to try it next 'monday bun-day!' :)

  3. I was JUST wondering how to do this! Thank you!

  4. Renata and Sidda : Take a picture if either of you try it out and I'll share it. I'd love to see! It's so easy breezy but with a big impact.

  5. this is so good! i'm going to give this a try, looks all quite easy and straight forward to do. thanks for sharing! i've been browsing through your DIY projects, love them!

    1. thanks, Laura! It's definitely a low effort/high impact hair style. And I'm glad you like the DIY's, they seem to take the most time to do (especially when I was shooting film exclusively!)


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