Back-Woods and Back Home.

"If we leave tonight and drive fast enough
all our troubles will be just like us : long gone."
Carrie Underwood

I'm back from Yellowstone without a single bear bite! Mosquito bites - now that's another story. From wrist to shoulder on one of my arms I have fifty seven bites. And, I only counted the nebula the size of a silver dollar once.

If I did a full-body inventory it would surely reach into the triple digits.
Looking into the mirror for the first time in five days I discovered a really fun game. It's called zit or mosquito-bite? Another fun one I've been playing is called dirt or tan? 

The upside is that my boyfriend missed me so much that he has been willingly rubbing calamine lotion on my itchy spots. And since I itch all over, it's almost like a massage. 

Soon I'll share my pictures, memories and moments of clarity.
Life in the back-woods and life back at home is good.

(p.s.) nine home remedies for mosquito bites. (thanks, Lily!) 


  1. definitely jealous of your outdoor adventures (mosquito bites and all!). I've been stuck in urban landscapes for far too long. I'm looking forward to escaping into the wild, hopefully soon. Looking forward to the pictures, I've never been to Yellowstone.

  2. Monica : I took them in black & white (since I figured you could channel a little Ansel Adams in a national park), so they'll be a while. But I can't wait to show you!

  3. Looking forward to the pictures. I hear its gorgeous in Yellowstone. Do we get pics of the silver dollar nebula? lol

  4. i love you, and your blog. id love to get coffee with you dear.

  5. Brandy : unfortunately, that little baby will remain a mystery. I think blogger would shut me down for just plain ickiness!

    Lacey : I would love to!


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