Jackie in the Old Photographs

"It's only on the incandescent Jackie in the old photographs (and particulary in the photograpshs where she's standing next to some poor frump) that they excite desire. They repel desire, too. The "armorial" smoothness of her hair and clothes telegraphs a message of defiance:

'Nothing can ruffle me.' " 
Judith Thurman, Costume of the Country.
Cleopatra's Nose: 39 Varieties of Desire (p. 383)

[ photos of Jacqueline Kennedy's trip to India, March 1962. By Art Rickerby for Time & Life. Getty Images


  1. Needed that reminder today - nothing can ruffle me. Love it!

  2. fabulous pictures!


  3. all : glad you liked them. Finding these pictures restarted a full fledged fascination with ms. Jackie ( ... especially the Kennedy years)

  4. I adore Jackie O- especially when they caught her personality.

  5. her haircut is so modern day. I want it!


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