On the First Day of August

Summer Nights

 August bursts at the seams with sticky heat. Stretching on, blazing hot. It is stifling and I wait for it to break.

But August is the last, and each day it draws closer. So, I fold the parasol in surrender. I want to feel it on my skin, stinging and red, before it's gone.  The welcomed dark nights are tinted with a warm sadness. A reminder that this, like all things that seem infinite, will be over too soon.

If I was a month, I would surely be August. 
Uneasy at the end.

[ Pentax k1000, on 100iso film that expired in 2008]


  1. OBSESSED with that picture, Sam... You know me and the sun, BFF that we are... it's perfect!!

  2. This is exactly why August is my favorite month. Perfectly described, Sam. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful picture, gorgeous words.

  4. Well said, Thanks for giving a perfect description of August!!


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