portland places : Departure

I took these pictures at my sister's birthday party at Departure - a 12th floor airport inspired rooftop lounge - over looking downtown Portland.  Despite their appearance, the pictures are unedited. The saturated red-tinted color is from the film being expired.  It's one of those things that was accidental, but turned out awesome.

Kind of like last night, when I thought my waiter forgot to bring my glass of white wine. So rather than correcting him, I just ordered another one. As soon as he turned around I noticed a glass just outside my peripheral vision. 

Whose glass of wine is this?
It's yours, Sam.
Why of course it is! and now ... I have two.

As Mae West said : too much of a good thing is wonderful. I hope your weekend is full of too many good things.


  1. ahhh the joys of film. i love when mine throws beautiful surprises at me. and i love that quote by mae west :) cheers to good things.

  2. Great pictures!! Love the filter you used

  3. wow. what a cool looking place to be.

  4. Kimia Beautiful surprises - exactly. I can't take any credit for it, but I'm happy it happened.


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