Mission Missoni


Even though Portland is a fashion forward town, the competetion is never too stiff (usually non existant) for Target's Go lines. Usually Tessa and I just stroll in and pick over the rolling racks. We always smile gleefully knowing that in every other major metropolitan area people are punching eachother for some designer polyester.

Yesterday was a different story. When we pulled up, before opening, we were so surprised to see a line of Missoni seekers! But, thanks to some stategic planning and choosing the less-than-swanky area of town we were able to hold our own against the people running down isles with carts like they were on an episode of Super Market Sweep

 Here's is Tessa's review :  

"Sam and I got there at 7:30 and they opened at 8. By the time we got to housewares everything we wanted was gone. Taken by a man in a Tap Out shirt. Margherita Missoni would be so ashamed!"
It was crazy to see people piling pillows into their cart just to sell them on Ebay for $7,000 (that's real). I think it's unfair and greedy and just kind of rude! 

Luckily the set of silk scarves and zigzag ballet flats will ease our disillusionment.
this is not my cart.


  1. I was definately late to this party...I wondered what was going on when I drove by and saw the crowds lined up outside. all for zigzags - people are interesting. Hope you got something good. :)

  2. I love hearing about the Missoni mayhem and each person's experiences. It was soo empty by the time I got there. Craziness!

  3. "this is not my cart" Hilarious.
    the owner of that cart really liked 70s designed cardigans.

  4. I approve of your purchases! I was not a fan at all of some of the stuff(ie, the cardigan at the top of the cart pictured above).

    I bought the pumps the other day, and the cashier (the CASHIER. A Target employee.) said as I was checking out, "These are so ugly. I don't understand why anyone would want these."

  5. DJ : Me too - I mean how much zigzag merch does one person need? But I get a little rush of joy everytime I tie on one of my classic missoni scarves.

    I cannot believe that cashier! Good thing you dont take style advice from someone who wears a red polo shirt exclusively :)


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