portland places : Kenny and Zukes

On the sidewalk near my bus stop one of the neighborhood kids wrote in bold faced letters
"You bring me joy!"
I was so tickled. Oh, sidewalk chalk - you are the original street art. But, by the time I got home that night I could see from the end of the block that the word "joy" had been crossed out. I walked up ready to do a handwriting analysis and find little bandit that destroyed my cement life-coach.

It read:
"You bring me joy sandwhiches!"

Um ... upgrade! Sandwiches are the best! Sandwich is like a synonym for joy

Kenny and Zukes Delicatessen makes one of my favorites: a perfect Egg Salad Sandwich.I know! Egg Salad is totally one of those things that you would never want to pull out of your lunch box. Or order on a first date. Do you think I'm sexy? How about now that I'm jamming down a combination of eggs and mayonaise?

Luckily I was accompanied by my boyfriend of two years. At this point, the jig is up. And I feel like you get a free-pass when the mustached man sitting across the table from you is eating sauerkraut.

(1 - 6) on film with my pentax k1000.  (p.s.) a few of my other favorite Portland Places : White Wine and Summertime at Lorenzo's | the Produce Row patio.


  1. these are beautiful photos. i love how soft the light is :)

  2. Celeste : the softness is one of my favorite parts about film!


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