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There are few things that I enjoy more than white wine. I love pinot gris, I love pinto grigio. I like riesling with a few cubes of ice, even though my grandmother says that is uncouth.

But it's not so much about the wine. It's about the season of dining on a patio, al fresco. In a good glass you can just taste summertime. Smith Apples and Citrus (it says so on the label) and sometimes, if you really swirl it, even green grass.

It's a love affair that will last well into winter. Maybe for a lifetime.
"Mama needs a glass of wine. Sound it out ... sau-vi-gnon bla-nc"

(photos) on film at Lorenzo's Italian in North Portland. Their giant ravioli stuffed with asparagus is fantastic! I was too busy stuffing my face to take a picture. 


  1. These are such pretty pictures. I love Lorenzo's...

  2. Connie : isn't it the best? I like anywhere with checkered tablecloths.

  3. A group of friends and I take one day at the end of each summer and do a wine tour in Southwest Michigan, right along the border of Lake Michigan. There are several wineries there, and I love that we can taste all the different kinds while at an outdoor bar, or while listening to live music on the lawn. We eat dinner at a beachside bar and grill and then watch the sunset. Quintessential summer. :)
    And I love a good glass [bottle] of Merlot with chocolate in the winter.

  4. Bethany : that sounds amazing! Wine & friends are the best combination (... Merlot and chocolate is a close second)

  5. i love you more than i ever have right at this moment. let's find each other on a patio with some white wine asap.

  6. Cheers to white wine! Though I like mine best in the bathtub.


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