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Our summer campaign at The Fancy Pants Hotel is all about our guests "living like a local". I work with some pretty amazing people (mostly of "young and hip" variety) and each of us became a resource for our guests on a certain aspect of the city

It would be The Understatement of the Year to say that I like coffee. I love coffee. I think I have coffee instead of spinal fluid. So naturally, I became our local coffee expert.

Here are a two of Portland's Best Places  :

Stumptown on SW 10th and Stark
Taking a trip to Stumptown Coffee is a must for any Portland pilgrimage. I can still remember my first cup! I had even been a barista for over year, and after my first sip of Stumptown I saw stars.

{ order } : The Hair Bender Blend – it just smells like inspiration to me.
{ do } : Get your picture taken in the photo booth next door to remember the moment you turned your back on instant coffee forever.

Ristretto on N. Williams & Failing
Ristretto is my favorite summer spot. Their minimalist space is open-air on summer afternoons, and has a covered deck year ‘round. It’s a great place to work during the week, and most of the shop is set up with freelancers and their laptops. But if a little talk time is what you’re after, their staff is genuinely cheerful and passionate.

{order} - Beaumont Blend Iced-Coffee – it’s far and away my favorite cold coffee on planet earth!
{do} – Sip on your cup and spread out a copy of the Sunday times.

You can see the rest of the feature (and my favorite coffee places in Portland) on our facebook page.


  1. I absolutely want to visit

  2. Dallas : you should! I will give you the grand tour.


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