Married to Amazement


Lately in the evenings, Eli and I have been watching nature documentaries.  I hop off the bus and stop at the little market down the street and buy a box of macaroni, a sixer of pilsner in the glass bottles - because I just like the feel of those better - and rent a dvd across the street. So far we've worked our way through 4 episodes of Blue Planet.

I spend most of the time shouting my head off : a blue whale is bigger than a T-Rex?! or elephant seals accidentally crush 1/5 of their young?! Eli, man of few words, just says wow!

I remember going to the redwoods with my dad when I was younger and thinking Cool dad. A bunch of trees. I was equally nonplussed with Yosemite Falls. I think I just wasn't old enough to really feel a sense of amazement at nature.

But, when Eli and I were in Argentina we took a 20 hour bus ride to Iguazu, to see a horse-shoe shaped cascading set of waterfalls. It was hot, and sticky, and we had to walk across little bridges. For the first time in my life I think I really felt a sense of awe.  

These days, I am in a constant state of wonder. Eli calls it "fresh out of the womb" syndrom. It's like I'm experiencing everything, even the mundane things, for the first time. Look at the light on that building or The way that squirrel is flicking it's tail is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

one of my favorite lines from Mary Oliver is

I want to say: all my life
I was a bride married to amazement

I hope to say that too.

(photos) on film at the Cannon Beach tidepools | Flickr (p.s) a favorite article on the Power of Awe from O Magazine


  1. My husband and I just watched 'In the Shadow of the Moon' directed by Ron Howard. He interviews all of the surviving astronauts who did the first few flights to the moon. I cried. The footage, and to hear those scientists explain their own wonder and amazement at their experiences was so deeply moving. I love stuff like that.

  2. Sam! I wish we were better friends in college! I feel like we could have stared at that crooked tree outside of Aromas together for at least an hour! Haha!

  3. Bethany : I will have to watch that. I love documentaries that give goose bumps

    Kate : Aw, me too Kate. The Dr. Seuss tree - I think I might have been more impressed with the redwoods as a kid if they looked like that!

  4. you are such a lovely, beautiful person sam. you make me happy and i hope your "fresh outta the womb" syndrome sticks with you forever :).

  5. "a bride married to amazement"....i dont think ive ever heard anything so beautiful.

  6. I couldn't agree with this more... as an artist I know and understand that feeling of constant awe and respect for the world around us. To take pleasure in the little things that are offered to us so briefly is to really know joy :) I wish everyone could see what you do

  7. Lauren : Thank you. You know I think the the world ( & the moon ... and all the other planets) of you too.

    Kimia : I rolled it around in my head for days. It's perfect. I love Mary Oliver.

    SilverPheonix : I think you're right: it is an artistic quality. And a joyous one.


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