Christopher Hitchens | On What Goes Best with Breakfast

"Never drink before breakfast unless the day of the week has a u in it. Martinis go surprisingly well with Corn Flakes, while a medium-dry sherry remains the perfect accompaniment to Mr. Kellogg's admirable Rice Krispies"
Christopher Hitchens, Vanity Fair (July 2011) 

* I had the best bloody mary over the weekend at The Screendoor for Tessa's birthday brunch.  Usually I stick to champagne for breakfast because I'm allergic to vodka after college (one taste of that stuff and the hives start. I think my body goes into a fit of panic - preparing to be up until 2:00am and then talk about free will theory the next morning.). 

Tomato juice has magic properties though. Like de-stinking pets after they're sprayed by a skunk, cleaning sauce pans, and preventing heart disease. I guess we can add "antihistamine" to that list.

[(1) as usual, on film with my pentax k1000]


  1. not a huge fan of bloody marys. but champagne (or fake champagne as usual)? mmmm yes :)

  2. i love love this pic. the light is magical.


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