Product Packaging | New or Old?

Companies spend millions of dollars a year on product redesign. The grocery store aisles are full of "extreme", "sport", and "new and improved" packages.  But, it's all lost on me.

That doesn't mean I'm not a sucker for marketing. I just go for the classics. You can always find the Coppertone girl in my cart, right next to Pepsi Throwback.

I get a certain kind of comfort using the same things from my childhood in the kitchen and at craft table. 
(me, sentimental? never!)

Do you have a favorite classic package?
Morton's Salt and Clabber Girl are two of my favs. 

Or are you a modern girl? 
I'm crazy about the label design for the beers at Goose Island Brewery, especially Matilda and Lolita.

  [ (1, 2) on film with my Pentax k1000. I should start a mess-making portfolio. I could go pro!
(p.s.) Another super cute label photo : House Wine. Wouldn't it make a cute housewarming gift?]


  1. i ,too, love the morton's salt packaging.

  2. Beautifully photographed - I love the first photo for the fact that the blue of the china and the yellow of the lemons mirror the colors on the label. And yes, I love classic packaging. I think the Morton Salt girl will always be my favorite.

  3. Bethany : Just the reason I brought out my camera mid-cobbler! Stuff like that always makes me so happy. Thanks for noticing!

  4. I feel oddly betrayed when companies change logos and packaging from my childhood. It seems so pointless too.

  5. Classic all the way! I'm always so perplexed by constant redesigns. I guess I'm kind of a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" girl. Old cereal boxes are definitely among my favorites! Oh and the old Quik tins (now Nesquick and plastic, blech).

  6. I saw this in Urban yesterday and thought of your post!

  7. Jillian : I love the old quik tins - they were perfect for storing craft supplies! I also have an aversion to plastic these days. I go for the glass jar every time.

  8. They say it's difficult to change things you're already gotten used to. When it comes to product logos, we tend to appreciate the old designs rather than the new ones since we're used to them.


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