I Will Remember

Fall is here, and the evenings come early. I race the sun across the bridge that takes me home. I watch it filled with urgency.

When I walk in the door I slip off my trousers and take a seat on the cement stoop at the back of our apartment. This is my hour: silent, save for the humming. I wait here till I hear his keys in our lock.

My neighbor's tall thistle weed peeks over the 6 foot fence. It's the biggest one I've seen. A hives worth of bees nestle themselves in the soft bristles of the purple flowers. I tilt my head back and feel the sun. The inside of my eyelids glow red with the last rays of the day. 

I can feel night coming in around me, with winter close behind it. I can taste it in the cool undertones of the wind. So I will tuck away these final moments; keep them safe in the velvet of my mind. Winter is long, but I will remember.

This time - for the first time - I have all I ever wanted. 

(photos) on film with Pentax k1000 | the thistle bush in question.


  1. Your posts like these are like drinking a good glass of merlot. A moment of sheer enjoyment on my lunch hour. Thank you.

  2. what a beautiful post to have stumbled upon. i too carry my camera around like a tourist in my own city. i think there's something to be said for constantly discovering new bits about life and capturing scenes and moments, wherever we are!

  3. p.s. How funny that two Bethanys commented on this.

  4. you are an incredible writer. sigh. I was transported to your porch and loved every minute. thank you for that ;) I'm not ready for winter, but I'm with you: I'll savor every minute of autumn. and now. xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  5. beautiful :) I had a moment like this sitting by the lake in Toronto today... my escape from the city

  6. Bethany Susan : I think so too! I am open to everything around me with my camera in my hand.

    a.v and Bethany : Thanks so much. Your encouragement keeps me writing.

  7. ah, this is quite a calming post. Such a way with words you have.


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