Someday Hopes

I'm excited to share a new adventure that begins this week:

 I'm now contributing to a project called Someday Hopes with my real-life best friend, Laura and my bloggy-friend, Anna. It's a sweet little place for them (and now - me!) to share the kind of girls we hope to be. Someday.

For my first post I wrote about something I've been thinking about a lot :  my future office. I'm currently applying to graduate school programs to - hopefully -  become a professor. It's such a big, and often overwhelming, aspiration that sometimes it's easier to look for office decoration inspiration rather than study the quadratic formula for the GRE. 

They say you should live your dreams. I just think that means living it right down to picking out prints for the walls.

[ I like gray, okay? (1) Ethan Allen (2) Ikea ]


  1. Oh no. You have to know the quadratic formula for the GRE? I'm totally screwed... and now I'm headed to pinterest to stare at home office decor and expensive shoes I'll never buy for the next hour...

  2. we are on the same career path! and i agree... sometimes it's easier just to dream about the space you'll be doing all of your work in, rather than the actual work you'll be doing.

  3. Bethany : I've memorized it, but using it is another story. My fingers are crossed for a question that reads "which of these is the quadratic formula?"

    Siddahtornton : Really?! What kind of programs are you applying to?

  4. hmmm...I do love the unconventional office idea! White shelves, white frames, and white butterflies! Love it...Gives me some ideas about how I can frame my own painted butterflies. Thanks!

    -Michelle at

  5. Sammy! How exciting! What programs/schools are you applying to? (PS come back to SD)

    My GRE advice: The day I took the GRE, I was running late and ended up wiping out in an icy parking lot as I sprinted toward the testing center. I ended up having to take the test while my knees bled through my jeans and ruined my shoes. Screw the quadratic equation - just take the test before the freeze comes.


  6. Kat : your story (and hearing from you) brought such a huge smile to my face. Not an easy feat with my mushy mind these days. Of course I still feel under prepared - but I'll take your advice and just get on with it.

    I'm applying to Communications & Culture PhD programs - I'll message you with updates.


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