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You know how there are certain things that just go? Gray and marigold ... or biscuits and gravy. Watching a movie outside - like spending time in your undies - just goes with summer.

The other weekend, Eli and I went and watched Roman Holiday in Directors Park downtown. I convinced him by informing him it was Academy Award winning (he can be a bit of a snob) and I convinced myself (like that was even necessary) with a coffee-cup full of wine.

My favorite part was the ending! oh the ending! Audrey meeting eyes with Gregory again. They're introduced. She gives a knowing glance that says "Yes, we've met. I'm different because I knew you".

I melted. I'd ask Eli his cinema-expert opinion ... but he was asleep by then.
Oh, Summer and outdoor movies and my hunky man. I'll miss you.

(1 - edited, obviously) and (2) on film at Directors Park in Portland. Part of the Summer Movies in the Park Series


  1. I love that movie! I think it just might even be my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie of all time...granted I haven't seen them all. My cousins had a chicken they named Gregory Peck! :)

  2. I'm so sad I missed this! I love Roman Holiday.

  3. Michelle : Gregory Peck the Chicken - that's a riot!

    Kate : It was so awesome to be watching a movie in the middle of downtown. I kept looking around thinking "look at this cool thing we're all doing!"

  4. I was there too! :) Although we didn't know that it was playing, we just stumbled across it!

  5. I watched Roman Holiday for the first time this summer! Absolutely adore the film! A bit jealous you got to watch it outside. =)


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