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If I ever applied to be a foster parent I would have to hide my house plants. I've killed a cactus. I've killed devil's ivy. I've killed three airplants. Airplants! A plant that can survive without soil can't survive a month in my apartment. I'm the grim reaper.

According to Joanna's house plant guru "overwatering is as bad as underwatering" ... which may be my problem. I get attached to things. I coddle. I smother. I love them to death like Lenny in Of Mice and Men. That being said, I'm having some minor success with succulents. (Lucky for me, succulents are really having a moment in the design world). 

Maybe I'm being over ambitious but I created a little velocirapotor dinosaur planter for one of my sweet succulent babies. The hole is too big so it looks a little janky. I'm hoping the Hen and Chicks will do it's thing and start filling in with offshoots.  The end goal is for the dinosaur to look like it's sprouting spikes!

... I'll let you know if it survives that long

(p.s.) This would be an easy project to d.i.y for a housewarming gift with a sense of humor. Or, a cute touch in a nursery for someone expecting ( kept out-of-reach from little hands, of course). I loved dinosaurs as a little girl. I got my first black eye fighting with a boy over a T-Rex. That's me: pushing gender-norms even at an early age.

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  1. this. is. awesome. You have combined two of my favorite things. I have loved dinosaurs ever since my brother and I watched Jurassic Park on repeat every day one summer. And succulents remind me of my late grandmother who used to have about 50 on her porch in Laguna. They are also the only plants I cannot kill :)

  2. oh i seriously love this! so hilarious and ironic.

  3. I love the look of plants in the home but I'm worried that they would never stay alive. The best I can do is a basil plant on my balcony and even that's not fairing too well. This planter is too cool.

  4. Amanda and Caitie : Thanks girls! His little reign of terror on my windowsill brings a smile to my face when I'm washing dishes (yuck)

    Melanie : succulents are supposed to be the easiest to take care of - "a little bit of water once a week and ignore them"! Where as, last year I killed my basil in 2 months flat. Maybe you do have a green thumb.

  5. lucky for you janky is also really popular in the design world right now :) and...i also killed my air plant. smothering is my middle name.


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