Squash Blossoms

Window View

Squash blossoms are one of those things that I read about for the first time and now they are popping up again and again. (Does that ever happen to you?)

It started with a page in the August Martha Stewart . Then it was Erin, at Reading My Tea Leaves, sharing pictures of the "soft and rumply" blossoms that have been coming to her house by the box load.

I think it's the universe gently suggesting I try to cook something new, now that I've mastered how to boil rice. 

I've been consoling myself with the idea of these, since the one squash we planted in our mostly cement side-yard hasn't made anything other than flowers. "Try them tempura fried and stuffed with Lentils" the chef at my work suggested.

Or, maybe I'm just attracted to the idea of me cooking these yellow beauties underneath my woolen squash-blossom garland and in my squash-blossom colored kitchen.

Even if dinner is burnt to a crisp, at least the set styling is good.
  squash blossom 1

[ (1) Martha Stewart Living, August 2011. An older recipe for Fried Squash Blossoms with Salsa Verde sounds amazing!(2) my apartment, on film with my Pentax k1000 (3) Reading My Tea Leaves ]


  1. thanks for your sweet note. glad to see this post!

  2. I LOVE your kitchen. Simple and beautiful. And thanks for sharing - haven't caught on to the "bandwagon" of squash blossoms yet. :)

  3. erin : thanks for providing the perfect visual aid!

    Bethany : it's my favorite part of my apartment!

  4. I have a garden that has become overtaken by the squash and prided myself on being a top gardener but I had no idea you could eat the blossoms! I think I'd rather dry them though and hang them like you have. I love your squash colored kitchen, by the way. :)

  5. Sarah : Doesn't it feel like a little gift to learn a new use for something you were already growing?


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