the Taylor day is finally here

I've been telling everyone I bought my little sister tickets to Taylor Swift for her birthday.
the usual response : "aww, I bet that is going to be so special for you two. How old is she?"
"... twenty-two."
Sure, at first it sounds kind of like I'm making a little girl's dreams come true. But it's the truth. I bought her two tickets. One of them was for me. happy birthday to you.

I'm unabashedly a Taylor Swift fan. I think we could be best friends in real life. We could share our favorite curly hair products and plot revenge on our ex-boyfriends. I'd get out my journal and she'd get out her guitar and we'd set out to writing about all the things we wish we said. I think anyone who uses the word "wonderstruck" just gets me.

I've been sitting on these tickets since February. My greatest fear on my backpacking trip in Yellowstone was that I was going to get crushed in an avalanche before the Taylor day came. It's here, It's here - It's finally here! A little girl's dream is coming true. Actually, two little girls : me and my 22 year old sister.

[ (1) Taylor Swift's photo journal from Charleston ]


  1. if you have any estrogen at all coursing through your body (I'd like to point out that men, too, have estrogen) you love Taylor Swift. She transcends genres and music snobbery and every misconception you've ever had about your music taste.

  2. Caitie : I effectively brainwashed my boyfriend with daily playings of the Speak Now album.

  3. Oh my goodness, no way. I'm going to Taylor Swift on my 22nd birthday in October!!! I'm beyond excited. What a funny coincidence!

  4. Leah : That is a funny coincidence! I actually thought of you when I was writing this too. I love all the great Taylor lines you use on your blog.

  5. Just wanted to let you know that i think your blog is absolutely beautiful! I've shared you with all of my blogging friends. Truly one of my favourite blogs. You use such awesome photos, quotes and words! And I am a massive Taylor fan too. I saw her last year and she was amazing! Hope you have a great time!

    Much love from Australia :)

  6. Dreams really do come true :) Love you!! had such a nice night!!

  7. speak now helped me through my latest break up. i'm not going to lie. screaming along with the song "mean" on my way to class def. helped make the day a little more bearable.

    thank you for writing about this sometimes sensitive topic. while many may judge- i applaud your ability to come out about it. BECAUSE THERE IS NO GIRL WHO DOESN'T LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT TO SOME EXTENT (or, according to tfey, garlic rolls at red lobster.)

    EVERYONE likes her.


  8. This is wonderful! Hope you two had fun :)

  9. Kim - Ahn : Thank you so much! I really appreciate it ( ... I'm sure you know, as a blogger, that sometimes you think "is anyone getting what I'm trying to do here?")


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