Comfort Food

It's a weird world we live in when I can convince myself that blackberry cobbler is good for me.
There's something about the simplicity of it. There's no disodium inosinate - whatever that is - among the butter and flour and sugar and berries.

And if it's cooked in vintage Corningware, I'm not worried about a light sprinkling of melted plastic.
Technically the material that makes up that pot was originally designed for rockets - but it has a sixty-year track record.

I worry so much about the future, my own and the country's. I read the front page of the newspaper as I wait for the elevator at work in the morning, and I'm nearly undone by lunch time. I have a strict No-TED-Talks Before-Bed policy.

Corningware and Cobbler. Safe and familiar.
It gives new meaning to comfort food.

[ on film. Pentax k1000 (1 | 2) cobbler on vintage cornflower corningware | dutch turnip motif blue & white thrifted china ]


  1. I worry too...

    a little comfort at a time may do the least in our own little worlds.

    Comfort food must be a cure - I wrote about it today also. I don't have corningware but I do use my familiar grandmother's linens and dishes.

  2. I love the way you tied in a cobbler, vintage cookware, and your worries for the future in a tight little nice post. Love it!

    And yes... you are in good company... I worry too...

  3. I had no idea it was made for rockets. My mother LOVES corningware.

    Comfort food is always good.

  4. Jkd : isn't it funny that something we think of as vintage now was once "revolutionary technology"? I just learned that little tid-bit the other day.

  5. my mom had that very same corning ware when i was little - i love it! and i also worry about the future of our country & world - that's why i find it so important to take joy in the little, simple things in life... it makes my world a brighter place!

  6. Comfort food cures all:). The cobbler looks divine!

  7. Siddathornton : my mom is the exact reason I love the cornflower corningware.


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