Sweater Weather

I have to be forcibly dragged from Summertime. I like popsicles and freckles and books on the beach. I do not like looking like a corpse because I literally lit-er-ally haven't seen the sun in 7 months.

But - little itty bitty but - I do look forward sweater weather.
What? oh um. I said I look forward to sweater weather.

Knits and weaves. elbow patches and henley buttons. Wearing a sweater is like being snuggled all day by a man made of merino/cashmere blend. mmmm. I think an Isabel Marant sweater and I could really go steady.

My Summer love has some competition.

Has sweater weather arrived where you are this weekend?

[ (1 and 2) Isabel Marant etoile Spring Summer 2011 (p.s) Alexa Chung in Isabel Marant for Harper's Bazaar UK (on A Lovely Being) | Sabrina Meijer in Isabel Marant etoile at AfterDrk.]


  1. Sweater weather has definately arrived in my part of Nebraska...I'm partial to flannel anything so I'm okay with it, for now. It's when I have to put on three pairs of socks to avoid numb toes that I get a little grouchy.
    So put on your prettiest and comfiest sweater and enjoy yourself!

  2. well sweater weather came and went here apparently.. last week i was attempted to wear mitts while out walking my pup but nope, this weekend no sweater weather. the weather man is calling for sunshine and t-shirt weather this weekend.. which works out because its thanksgiving weekend (here in canada).. but i can't wait for the sweater weather either! :)

  3. ugh, I'm dreading summer on my side of the world, want to swap with me? Be warned, Australian summers are looong, humid and sweltering. I'd love sweater weather and I'll be dreaming of it over the next few months :)

  4. Great blog... I'm supposed to go sweater shopping this weekend. This crazy weather keeps throwing me off, though. In Pennsylvania, it's supposed to be a high of 83 degrees today... go figure.


  5. I love this sweater. Where's it from? Its ALWAYS sweater weather in South Africa! Great blog Sam. :)

  6. Sarah : I can't imagine how cold the winter gets in Nebraska! I had to laugh about the socks - I specifically remember wearing socks on my hands over gloves once last year. Desperate times ...

    Rochelle : The sweater is Isabel Marant. You can buy online at net-a-porter. South Africa sounds like heaven, you've only added to my must-see-Cape-Town phase!

  7. Cape Town is beautiful :) You should visit soon! Have a great week.


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