The First Frost
I saw my first touch of frost this morning. It startled me, the way it always does. My fresh eyes thought it was snow. I liked how it felt to say ... frost. The beginning made me bite my lip.The last was short and hushed (a sudden end to word that starts so softly).The whole thing felt cold, quiet. Like the sound of scraping ice off a window.

[ (1) on film with minolta srt-201. more on Flickr ]


  1. What a wonderful description - I had never thought of 'frost' as an onomatopoeia, but now I always will.

    PS - linking to your lovely blog on mine.

  2. after reading this post, i said 'frost' aloud.


  3. Such a perfect description. I just whispered "frost" out loud 5 or 6 times; my coworker might think I'm crazy.

  4. schietree : thank you for the link, I am in great company.

    sidda and DJ : makes me so happy! that takes 'engaging the reader' to a whole new level.

  5. I wish I could see some frost in S Carolina! Patiently waiting for the weather to drop!


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