Robert Montgomery Installation | The People You Love

 Robert Montgomery classifies his installations as "recycled sunlight", a combination of solar cells and neon. It adds another layer of depth to an already poetic statement.

The people we love are like this ... like a message lit up by sunlight that was caputred before the dark came. In absence we don't just carry their memory. We carry the very real glow of the life we shared - brilliant and bright enough to become alight even though they're gone.

[ (1) Robert Montgomery  (p.s.)  neon installation at the Detroit Contemporary Museum | & the influential Nathan Coley ]


  1. Contemporary art with a thoughtful, multi-layered message seems rare these days - I'll have to look up Montgomery for more.

  2. I love his artwork. I think I've posted about him too many times on my blog :)

  3. hila : you must have posted about him before I started reading, so I just looked it up. You put it so perfectly "it highlights how fleeting our existence is and yet, how we continually seek to create a sense of permanency, transcendence and immortality."

    here is the link for anyone else who is interested in reading : Le Projec D'Amour


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