A Change (and an Anniversary)

Seashells Organized Neatly

Here we are. A new look, a new name.

This blog was created on a whim one afternoon. And three years later (to the day!) I'm a different person, in a different place. It's time for a little refresh, I decided.

Still the same url. Still the same writing about love and life, and writing about writing, and reading too. And still the same me (...or the same as I ever am, for a girl who changes daily).

 I think the universe delivers things to us, much like the ocean. Each day brings lessons and lifelines. But, a person who is bent on seeing nothing always get's their way. It's a choice to open our eyes; to seek out what's infront of us and find what has washed ashore. Blogging inspired that search for me. 

This is a place for what I find.

[ (1) Perfectly placed Seashells on the Mission Bay Boardwalk. On Film with my pentaxk1000
(p.s) For the especially Type A (who me?) there is the curated tumblr Things Organized Neatly. ]


  1. I become strangely excited by organizing things. Recently I posted (briefly) about the beauty of Ziploc bags as an organizational tool. Looking forward to tomorrow's post.

  2. LOVE the new name, Sam! It's beautiful, and so fitting. Happy Blogging-versary! :)

  3. Its my first time in here, and I just wanted to say I like it so much!

  4. Lillian : The idea actually first started in the class at Summer School PDX! I really wanted a stronger connection between me, my url, and the blog title. Thanks, Lillian.

    KAAM : i'm happy to have you!

  5. I love this. Your writing is always so beautiful.

  6. I love the new look of your blog and the inspiration to change. I also would like to start fresh with mine...something that reflects me more and the way I'd like to write.
    Your posts are always an inspiration and I appreciate that you stop by and visit. :)
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  7. Sam, you are an incredibly inspirational writer. your blog is real, change is real. your blog has developed/grown and inspired as you have and i think its such a good idea to let it. i love the new name, how it simply sounds and the beautiful way in which you introduced the word

  8. Sweet! Love the new look and this idea. Happy to continue reading and exploring the ocean and the shore along with you. <3

  9. i like the new name. it's unique...and pretty...just like you :). cheesy, but true.

  10. It looks beautiful Sammy. And what a what a wonderful way to reflect the newness and freshness of your life. I eagerly anticipate what's next :)

  11. chrissy : "change is real and your blog is real" ... so often this feels like an imaginary space. what an important thing to remember!

    Lauren : I think I recently said the same thing about your baby's name!

    amanda : coming from you - my artsy friend - that means so much!


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