Miranda July | Writing, a Practice of Self-Love

"I'm probably kindest to myself in my work," she says, "It's how I practice self-love. I'm cripplingly critical of myself in every other area, not permissive, not letting myself be free, and feeling like I'm doing every single thing wrong all the time. But in this one area I tell myself : 'you can do no wrong. Let's just try this. It's OK.' Like a really wonderful teacher or something. I'm saying, 'no one belongs here more than you,' to myself - because I totally don't belong."
Miranda July, Paper Magazine November 2011

(photo) with my new iPhone. I read this sitting outside - shivering but sundrenched - in Director's Park on Saturday.  (p.s) an interdisciplinary connection from Hila about sincerity : Krzysztof Kieslowski and Miranda July


  1. ah, this quote sums up what so many people don't get about Miranda July's work. I get annoyed with the 'pretentious' and 'hipster' tags placed on her.

  2. I agree. People are so hard on her and I think the misconception is that she takes her self really seriously.
    She doesn't, she is humble in real life, and brave and unselfconscious in her art which it what makes it so interesting.


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