A Thankful Thought

I am thankful for hot water.

For tea, for steamed artichokes, and boiled rice.   

I am thankful for laundry day and simple luxury. For the smell of fresh linen and folded shirts and clean cotton pillowcases against my cheek.

I am thankful that there is an end to everything.  Even on the worst days there are lavender bubbles, a cold beer to balance on the bathtub's edge and books with wet rippled pages. I'm thankful that all things must pass. And nothing is so bad that it can't be soaked out. 

I am thankful that the day, each day, begins again. And yesterday's misteps and disappointments will run off my body and swirl down the drain. With each morning there is a new song to be sung. That the soft pounding sound of water drowns out doubt, and that inspiration always seems to strike in the shower. 

I am thankful for shared happiness. For Van Morrison mornings. For yellow teakettles and coffee grounds, and egg-in-a-hole with my sister while the french press steeps.

I am thankful.

[ (1 and 2) my neighborhood laundromat on expired 2008 film (p.s.) expired party decorating | expired roses | expired rooftop]


  1. This is so beautiful. You are such a strong woman and an even more incredible writer.

  2. Ok, now I have to go read in the bath with bubbles...this is just too lovely...

  3. i actually can't get over how beautifully you word every sentence. a thankfulness for the most simple things like laundry day and coffee grounds to the less-thought-of beginnings and ends of each day.

  4. This reminds me of that line in Mary Oliver's "The Summer Day" : "how to be idle and blessed." It's the simple things that make life beautiful and prompt gratitude. And I love the imagery that you use of showering/bathing and washing away the day.

  5. chrissy : When I was growing up we only had a little hot-water heater and one bathroom, so I've taken way too many cold showers. So, I am grateful every day!

    This is a list of all the good things that come from hot water (you'll notice that everything in this list connects back to it.)

  6. so to my first comment add: the simple things that hot water can bring like laundry day and coffee :)

  7. this rocks! i love the imagery you paint with your words, and gratitude is always a good thing.


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