show + tell : Dish Rack

Here's something I'd never thought I'd say : I love my dish rack. 
(that sound you're hearing is the feminist within me crying)

But, really. Living in a 350 square-foot studio apartment means you have to seriously love everything you own. Otherwise it's wasting precious space, and bringing you no joy in the process. I know a dish rack seems stupid and inconsequential. But, this dish rack is not only visible from every place in my 9 x 15 kitchen, but also from my bed. On the List of Things I See Every Morning (in order of appearance) it comes right after "pillowcase" and "alarm clock". 

I lived with a cruddy little plastic piece for over a year.  But, when I spotted this one made of wooden slatting, the simplicity and lightness of it really got me. There is something just kind of luxurious about natural materials - even when it's the cheap balsa wood used in Architecture 101 models and costs $6 at IKEA. 

Anything that can make my least favorite chore even an iota more enjoyable deserves some recognition. Or at least a whole blog post. 


  1. i just love the word 'iota.' really, i do...

  2. i just love that i have this same dish rack!
    love wood anything, even if it's ikea

  3. haha - when we moved in, I went to ikea and bought this even though jamers already got one because I missed the wood rack so much... creature of habit.

  4. Hmmm, we actually have one of the plastic ones you were describing...I think I need a trip to Ikea.

  5. I love this post. Everything about it is so completely true, we need to love everything we own no matter the size of our home. It actually fun figuring out the things that bring us the most joy in life.
    I just came across your blog & love it!



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