recent work : World AIDS Day Benefit

You sure do get some funny looks at the party supply store when you annouce yourself by saying
"Hi ... Um, I'm supposed to be picking up 15 feather boas, 500 bingo cards, and 6 pairs of red underware". Especially when you took a cab there.

All in a World AIDS Day's work at The Fancy Pants Hotel.

I'm off to set up things for the body painter, but I just thought I'd pop in and share the cute invitation I created (with the help of some elements from pugly pixel, since I've been a little slow catching on to InDesign. Have you ever tried to draw a circle in that program? I think I'm missing something here).

Unfortunately, the client decided to reuse the clip-art fueled fun-fest of an invitation they printed last year. Oh well. The cause is the important thing, right? right. the cause and the cosmopolitans we'll be sipping tonight are the important thing.


  1. This invitation is gorgeous Sam! I would have gone for this alone (this and, let's be honest, the cosmos)


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