Martin Creed | Everything is Going to be Alright

Oh, boy. The juxtaposition of Martin Creed's neon on the classical and weathered Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art really does it for me. A message like Everything is Going to be Alright, coming from a building dating to 1825, says something doesn't it?About the way we carry on - despite the challenges that seem world-ending.  A nearly identical installation is on the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, another unlikely location. It deepens a statement that can seem almost senselessly hopeful.

I also appreciate the technicals of the photo itself, by the unmatched Brian Ferry. I know if I shot this on a hazy gray day I would have over exposed it (like always) and lost the texture of the mossy cracks and the vibrance in the neon light.

Contrast is vital to depth - in a photo, and in art.

(photo) Brian Ferry of The Scottish Gallery of Modern Art and Martin Creeds no. 289 
(p.s) another neon message from Robert Montgomery


  1. I just LOVE this post, Sam. The juxtaposition of the new against the old is so so cool. Thank you for sharing this!


  2. This is a gorgeous picture, and concept. It reminds me of this hotel in Berlin with the "I'm ugly but I glow" sign. All about inner beauty right?

  3. I'd say it's also vital to our souls and inner being ....

    I love the juxtaposition's a not right but so right thing.

  4. Meg : as someone who works at a hotel, I absolutely love their light board! It's also previously said "I don't want to wake you up but I really want to show you something", from Where the Wild Things Are

    Sarah : you put it perfectly : "it's not right but so right".

  5. Lovely sentiment, particularly in a hard-up city like Glasgow (which suffered a lot when industry collapsed, in a similar if less dramatic fashion to Detroit)

    Just beneath this is one of the cutest public art installations - well, I use 'public' in a particular way.

    There's a statue of a man on a horse (from around the same time the gallery was put up) who, every now and then, will find himself with a traffic cone hat. This has been going on for years and years.

    The statue, by the way, is quite high up off the ground with spikes to stop pigeons landing on it, yet this whimsical hat keeps on appearing. It's such an icon of the city, and very much in keeping with Glaswegian's love of thumbing their noses at authority.

  6. Like the post.

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