Red Ribbon in Review

Our Red Ribbon benefit last week was a roaring good time! But, the best part of the night was that we raised almost $17,000 for AIDs research. It's a feeling better than building a balloon arch, or winning at bingo, or having someone tell me that my outfit was Anthropology catalogue status (which is kind of like the ultimate compliment)

I wore a fire-engine-red knee length skirt ... which you, unfortunately, can't see in any of the photos because everyone knows I was in a sorority in college. People assume I have certain talents; like doing the signature squat in group pictures or making an ice luge. I'm not particularly good at either - but another sorority skill came in handy : planning a party, but keeping it professional. And a little thing called philanthropy.

[ all event photos courtesy of A.J. Meeker Photography ]


  1. That's amazing! Looks like it was a lovely time!


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