A Look at Christmas in Portland

Today, I'm sharing What Christmas Looks Like In Portland on Un Giorno Da Leone, with my friend (and fellow USD alum), Alessia. I jumped at the chance to be a part of the series for two reasons:

1. Alessia is one of those people that keeps it real. Even on her blog. It's a refreshing rarity! So when she asks you to write something, of course you say yes, because she's coming from the same honest-to-goodness place that keeps me accidentally laughing out loud in my office as I read her daily recaps. (really, read this.)

2. Portland and I have been on an upswing in our relationship. This season has made me feel like maybe I found my city-soul-mate. Who doesn't want to brag about being in love? Plus, It'll be nice to have a written record of this feeling somewhere in June-uary when I'd rather become a recluse than have one more day of wet jeans.

You can read my color story and the rest of the What Christmas Looks Like In ____  on ByAlessia.com .


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