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I've had a lot of fun reading Mindy Kaling's book because she writes about how she found success by doing what she loves with her best-friend, Brenda. Most people picked up her book for the humorous essays, but reading about the play they wrote, Matt & Ben, and Mindy's life just before she started The Office has actually made me super inspired.

When I first got promoted, a few people I know warned me that working with your friends can strain a relationship, kind of like being roommates. Tessa and I shared a room - and a bed -  when I came back from my trip to South America (because I had zero dollars in my bank account and sixty left on my credit limit) so I wasn't ever really worried.

But, one of the important things I've learned from working with her is that a friendship can definitely survive (and even flourish!) in a professional atmosphere. I think the key is that you, not only like them, but respect them. If you don't share a similar work ethic, it's really hard to continue being friends with someone when you can't rely on them between the hours of 9 - 5. 

The pictures above are of our hotel's hot coco station, one of the aspects of the winter marketing campaign. The plan from home-office basically only required two things : chocolate and water. But, Tessa turned it into an all-out  hot-co-co dream-come-true.  Isn't it magical?

Looking at the table, it's obvious why working with her is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. It definitely helps that we have a similar aesthetic and love for doing creative projects with style.

Have you ever worked with a friend?
Did it bring out your best or make you a mess?

(photos) on film with minolta srt-201


  1. holy moly! that is one deluxe hot chocolate station!!! i want some :)

  2. caitlin : the tall jar to the far right has marshmellows the size of my fist!

  3. So when can I stop in for a cup of cocoa? Yum!


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