Wreath Making at the Portland Bazaar

I had the best Sunday afternoon at Amy Merrick's wreath making class in the Portland Bazaar. Turns out they're one of those things that look difficult, but are really just a few key skills. Amy was a great teacher, and I definitely feel that - after borrowing a few boughs from nearby trees - I could make another. I would feel very impressive bringing one as a homemade hostess gift. oh, this? just a little something I whipped up. 

I know it's the season of giving, and I really shouldn't be buying classes for myself. But, I'm giving joy to every person who sees this bent-evergreen beauty on my apartment door. (You're welcome, neighbor with an indistinguishable accent).

[ (photos) on film with my Minolta srt-201. full frames on flickr.]


  1. I really am quite jealous, I would have loved to have joined you.

  2. So beautiful! I wish I could have joined you...I imagine it smelled just like winter in there!

  3. Michelle : you are exactly right. The whole room smelled like evergreens (not to mention my sap covered hands for the rest of the day)

  4. How fun! And what a great skill to have! And I think you should give them as hostess gifts! Everybody loves homemade gifts and everybody loves wreaths :)

    Luvv, Leigh B


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