authentic activity : Montana

Whenever I take a trip, I like to do an according "authentic" activity. The word authentic is in quotes because most of my ideas about what real people do in a certain place are derived from books and movies.

On my recent trip to visit my Grandad, I naturally set my sights on finding a local delicacy :  the state's best beef - or other animal - jerky. We drove 40 minutes outside of town and stopped at a little place along the roadside called M & S Meat.  Do you see the taxidermied porcupine nestled among silk Black-Eyed-Susans and antlers? It was everything I dreamed. And the cowboy-food was so salty and so good

Of course, I was selected for the random check at the airport on our way home
... with two pounds of peppered buffalo and one pound of teriyake wild-turkey jerky stuffed into my backpack. 

[ (photos) on film with minolta srt-201, which I actually found at The Goodwill on this trip! (p.s)  more Montana : landlocked whale bones]


  1. hee hee i love your take on authenticity. "Authentic" is one of those words yoga teachers like to use. I think it's a little annoying, and a clever way to use pretty words to get out of saying anything of meaning. I think authenticity is whenever you do something that feels right all the way down to your bones. And if that means eating your weight in salt and animal hide, I say ef yeah. Authenticity all the way.

  2. Caitie : Your thoughts always enlighten (and make me lighten up!). I feel the same way about that word "authentic" - how can one seek to be something that by definition just is ? such a challenge.

  3. That porcupine looks like it's about to spring to attack. YIKES.


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