Landlocked Whale Bones

Whale Bones in MontanaWhale Bones in Montana

Long, long ago - 65 million years ago to be specific - Montana was actually an inland sea. It's hard to believe, standing there five-hundred miles from the nearest ocean. Landlocked and infront of proof as tall as a craftsman house. Ancient whale bones decorating the lawn like any old bird bath.

 Usually glass and velvet ropes lay a barrier between a person and the ancient. You know you're different. There is the precious world of specimens and then there's your world - where a twix bar from the giftshop is melted into your jeans. 

 But, here are bones that lay in the ground for millions of years and were randomly dug up along with some everyday dirt. They could be in a museum. Instead they are here, at the end of Whale Bone Drive.

A bleached white reminder of our insignificance. Pressed into a lawn, in the land of the living.

[(photos) on film with pentax k1000 in Kalispell, Montana.
(listen) Landlocked Blues - Bright Eyes (p.s) another thought on wonder]


  1. I've seen this house! I love how it makes the house feel like a beach cottage, even when the nearest ocean is 500 miles away!

  2. They weren't dug up there. They were brought down from Alaska by my great-grandfather in the 1920s. He was in the fur business and used to raise mink and foxes in pens behind that house.



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