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t o u c h  of  c o l o r
  • Hila shared what it's like to have synesthesia - a condition where people 'see' color in words, smells, or even sounds! She describes it as "sort of like a reverse form of color blindness"
it reminds me of ....
  • John Locke's parable about the value of experience in AJ Jacob's, The Know-It All
"The blind man wants to know what the color scarlet is like, so he interviews dozens of people about the color scarlet, thinks a long time about the topic, then, at long last, he victoriously announces that he knows what scarlet is like: "It is like the sound of a trumpet." I sometimes wonder, am I the blind man?" 
  • this Lauren DiCioccio painting : a color code of the contributors page in Vogue. I'd love to hang it in my office someday.
  • the way Chris Martin describes sacrificing for the one you love as  "Yellow" in the Coldplay song.  
do you have any interesting color connections?
To me, the light in cities always seems to be a certain color.

(photos) utility ribbon art | walking I spotted a web on Burnside | Megan Geckler Through Looking Back You May Go Blind, installation at Avant LA (via Black Eiffel)


  1. i would love to experience synesthesia for a day. sometimes i actually wonder if i have it?

  2. This quote gave me the chills. Everyone always describes the Northwest as grey, but each burrow and city seems to have its own color.

  3. Scarlet is the sound of a trumpet - yes, i can see that. My eldest daughter's middle name is Scarlett, my youngest is Blue and mine is Violetta (violet)... we're quite a bit fond of colour - great post!


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