make | A Candy Cigarette Valentine (for the bad-boy)

Yikes. You like a bad-boy. That "don't care" attitude and dirty jeans really do-it for you, huh? Yep, me too. Despite the fact that I know that it's bound to end poorly. So let's try to melt that piece of ice he calls a heart with a Valentine! Only one rule: no ribbons, no bows. I think he already knows you're too attached without raffia coming into the equation.

disclaimer : this project is not designed for children. It's designed for adults that have (at least some) logical reasoning capabilities.

materials :
Candy Cigarettes :
Earth-tone drawing paper : Blick Art Supply
Rubber Cement
A little clip
White paint pen

you can just reuse nearly all the materials from yesterday's Rock Candy Valentines
  1. get out your paper and your candy. These cigarettes were so cheap (24 boxes for 5 dollars). Probably because there isn't much of a market anymore for carcinogenic shaped candy.
  2. Cut a strip about an inch-and-a-half tall, and 8 inches long. Fold this around the box of candy cigarettes to figure out where your writing surface is.  Trim any access, but leave enough to have one end completely fold over the other for a clean back in step 4. 
  3. write your message with the white paint pen. re-write a second coat to make the white "pop". I chose a line from Rilo Kiley : Baby you're bad news, I don't care I like you. It perfectly captures how I feel about both the cigarettes I've smoked (not many) and the cigarette smokers I've dated (too many).   
  4. give to your guy! If you're going to get your heart broken you might as well do it thoroughly. 
tomorrow we'll do a project for your festive best friend. See you then!

photos and original project design by Samantha Shorey


  1. ohhhh sam - great RK line. Love them, and this is such an adorable idea!!

  2. So funny. Love these cheeky ideas.

  3. your raffia comment literally made me laugh out loud. hahaha

  4. Oh man, I really love this - so funny! And I love the clip on the front, so cool and totally satisfies my love of office supplies.

    1. you'll especially like it when it arrives in the mail for you in a few days! When I made them I just knew miss No. 27 needed her very own.

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