make | A Confetti Canvas (for a festive friend)

Where would we be with out our friends? Well, I'd either be on the roof of this office building threatening to jump or at the Olive Garden eating my feelings (I have a lot of feelings. I need there to be unlimited and bottomless in the menu descriptions). 

Frankenstein once said  : "Friend. Good". It's as simple as that. So here's a confetti inspired canvas for a friend that makes every day - even the ones filled with errands - a celebration. 

Square Canvas (7 in x 7 in)
Paint Brush and Circle Sponge Dotter
Neon Red Paint :  from Blick Art Supply
Gold Foiled Origami Paper
Tacky Glue and Rubber Cement
Martha Stewart Craft Glitter
Black Paint Pen
  1. get out your paint, your canvas, and a paint brush. I also bought a circle-shaped sponger because I can't draw a circle to save my life. 
  2. dip the sponger in your neon red paint, and dab once anywhere on the canvas. It will be a weird texture (see photo) so smooth over it with a small paint brush. Repeat two are three more times. Let it dry completely, and apply a second coat with your paintbrush. 
  3. between coats, trace and cut circles out of your gold foiled paper. I used two different kind of gold foil to add texture. This step would be a lot easier with a circle punch! 
  4. apply Tacky Glue to the circle sponger, just like you did with the paint. Dab twice and cover with Martha Stewart glitter (the tiniest, sparkly-est glitter I've ever used). Let dry and shake off the excess. 
  5. apply Rubber Cement to four of your gold foil circles and glue down. You'll want to put a weight on top of them as they dry. The treatment and texture of the canvas means it takes forever for glue to adhere.
  6. add a message. 
  7. hooray! give to your best friend! feel free to throw confetti to add to the presentation. 

tune in tomorrow and we'll make a card for those in a storybook romance! 


  1. this is adorable!!! love love love. and thank you for the design idea for my new pad!

    1. Alessia, this project would be so easy to do on a large scale. The neon red paint is so awesome, it's actually like electric coral (and an entire pint of it was less than four dollars!)

  2. i love this! super cute plus very easy!

  3. How cute is this?! Love these fun Valentines you've been making!

  4. All of your projects have been so great! This one might be my favorite, though. It would be fun to have around all year.

  5. This is adorable...must try ASAP.

  6. i definitely check back everyday to read your new card ideas! These are great! I love home made cards, they make every card getting day better :)

    1. that's so good to hear chrissy! It's been quite the week getting everything prepped and ready for the next post :)

  7. This is super awesome! Definitely gonna try this out someday. Love your blog!


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