Turning the Corner Towards Spring

It's been light outside past five o'clock. Just for a half hour, each day. 
My dad sent me a text message that pointed this out; that we "have turned the corner, in our orbit around the sun".  For the last few days - when I leave my office and walk into the fading light - I've thought of  the phase "turning the corner". 

It reminded me of running on the street I grew up on.  A long stretch of street where the end was still a mile away, even after the final turn. But, it signaled something. I was no longer heading out. I was on my way back. It would be just a bit farther before the sprint, the moment when home was in sight.

Here in February, a few determined perennials have been pushing through the ground. Working and waiting impatiently for the final sprint to Spring. 

(photo) on film with pentax k1000. quiet Sunday on 2nd and Ash.


  1. Goodness gracious it is so beautiful here! I'm so jealous of you! But like you, I'm anxiously awaiting spring time!


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