authentic activity : Hood River, Oregon

Y/Not tavern. Talk about a great name for a business!  When we passed it after our zebra safari - and I started shouting at Logan to pull-over - I wasn't just saying the name of the bar. I was making an excellent argument about why we should stop! Because really, why not? 

Why not order a round of Coors Light? at 4:30 pm ...
Why not sign your name on the bar? with the "S" as a stussy ...

 An authentic afternoon along the roadside. Y/Not, indeed.

(photos) on film with minolta srt-201 (p.s) an authentic activity in montana


  1. What a creative name! :)

  2. little roadhouses are the best, and these photos are fantastic

  3. 1. That first picture ROCKS.
    2. I can't believe I've lived this long without knowing that symbol's called a stussy... Remember when people used to make long chains of that in, like, 2nd grade? No? Just a GE thing?

    1. I think I only knew because my name was (stussy)AMANTHA (stussy)HOREY. It even said so on my binder.


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