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Saturday Morning Spider Mums

I know global warming is bad. I know that. But, boy-oh-boy, sixty-degrees in March sure is something. I told the bus driver "this weather makes me feel like singing!". And, the elderly gentleman sitting behind me replied "let's hear it!"  I was so put on the spot that I could only hum a few la-de-das before I sat down.

If I could go back and redo it - despite being shy and totally tone deaf - I would have sang the Sam Cooke song I was humming to myself while I waited at the stop

It's a song about not knowing all sorts of complicated things : history, biology, science books, french (... the adverse affects of global warming?) But how having one person can make the most complicated thing - happiness - seem simple. 

I hope your world is wonderful this weekend.

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  1. I totally had the same thing happen to me last year. I didn't get much further than a bit of humming as well. Now I'll be better prepared.

  2. ok, that is just cool. i have had that song in my head all night in my dreams and have been singing it to myself this morning. and what do i find? this post. love! :)

    1. Bethany,
      isn't it funny the way things happen like that? this song seems to pop up in my life over and over again. a true soul song.

  3. there's no way i would've been able to come up with something on the spot like that! i commend you for being able to a least hum something. the most he would've gotten out of me probably would have been a nervous laugh.

    1. Lauren, there was definitely nervous laughter involved as well. and blushing. and staring at the ground.

  4. LOVE this! I had one my first warm day here in England this weekend. Definitely loving the warmer temperatures! :)


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