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Multnomah Falls
Hunter Boots

The first time I saw Multnomah Falls it was a quick stop on a summer drive. I stood at the base of what was little more than a trickle and said, unimpressed, that's it?

I said the same two words last weekend, when Tessa and I came around the bend on Old Columbia Highway, but with a completely different intonation. More like ... THAT'S IT!!!!!! With short statements, it's all in the delivery.

At 647 feet it is pretty spectacular. So spectacular, in fact, that I got out of the car when it was raining (no physical force required). 

And, for the record, the distance from the parking lot to the bridge is .2 miles. In case your slightly less enthusiastic and freezing cold best friend tries to convince you "it's a lot farther away than you think it is".

(photos) on film - 800 iso fuji superia - with Nikon FM.


  1. Another place to add to my "to go" list.
    Side discussion - love that girl's hair do, and the color. :)

  2. Brilliant photographs! I must visit this place.

  3. Matching boots and waterfalls. :) Perfect day, I'd say!

    1. Kelly, wearing our matching Hunter boots miiiight have been part of the reason I wanted to go. (ha!)


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