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Love Lights at City State
Brunch Date at City State
Excited Eaters at City State

Brunch, brunch is Sunday's most precious gift. And no eggs, however glorious, may justify waiting an hour for it. That's what Arthur Miller said in his canonical work The Crucible, right? something like that.

But, really. I think there comes a time in everyone's life where it just doesn't seem worth it anymore to wait (and wait. and wait.) to  be seated at one of Portland's hottest brunch spots. After estate-saleing last week, Tessa and I wanted to go to breakfast and I was shaking with caffeine withdrawls with the thought of braving the crowds at 11:00 on Sunday.

So, we headed over to the City State, and it was just the right amount of crowded. Lively, but with space at the counter for two girls - one cute and one in desperate need of a cup of coffee. It was everything we wanted! truly egg-celent! (ya, our server didn't think that was funny either.) 

This I know for sure : the best brunch is the one spent with friends ... and bacon. 

City State Diner is located in Northeast Portland, on NE 28th, just off Burnside.  

(photos) on film with Nikon FM


  1. aw, sounds like a fabulous time. and no worries, 'i' laughed at the egg-celent joke :b

  2. As Mindy Kaling said in her book, "Like everyone normal, I would never have a bumper sticker ever. However if I saw one that read, “Hell is Waiting in Line for Brunch,” I might buy a thousand and plaster my car with them.”

    1. oh my gosh, DJ! I actually laughed out loud reading that quote from Mindy Kaling! After reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me I kept trying to tell people about "my friend, Mindy".

  3. I def laughed at the egg-celent joke, too. ha. Lovely photos!

  4. i want to eat here!!! i think portland might be the city i need to feast my way through...

  5. I know the feeling! There's a very trendy breakfast place I like to go to, but it's beginning to fill up with too many hipsters :) Sigh, I just want my breakfast and coffee.

  6. It looks like a great brunch spot. I like the commenter above's Mindy Kaling quote - so true! With brunch, you really need it as soon as possible!

  7. Caffeine, brunch, bacon...My three favorites in one post! ;) xoxo! eliza

  8. So true! The best brunch is spent with friends and bacon. When I tried to go vegetarian last year, Bacon was one of the hardest things to give up. It's just too good.


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