positively enflamed.

Magnolias in Yerba Buena
"The magnolia trees, budding on the green, looked positively enflamed. They sent out a perfume that drifted through the windows of Semiotics 211. The magnolia trees hadn't read Roland Barthes. They didn't think love was a mental state; the magnolias insisted it was natural, perennial"
Jeffery Eugenides, The Marriage Plot

Happy first day of Spring! The experience of this season always undoes me and every scrap of logic or reason that I weakly cling to.  

(photo) on film, in San Francisco's Yerba Buena park. A Spring afternoon with my friend Amanda
(p.s.) Hemingway on Spring in A Moveable Feast


  1. the best part of spring is the magnolias. nothing compares.

  2. It's because of sentences such as these that I enjoyed The Marriage Plot, despite its flaws :) "The magnolia trees hadn't read Roland Barthes ...", ha, I love that.

  3. What a beautiful image to go along with those beautiful words! Magnolias are my favourite.

  4. Magnolias and forsythias absolutely make my heart wild in spring. I love this quote. Can't wait to get my hands on this book!

  5. I remember this line! I loved it so much. Your blog is beautiful - thanks so much for stopping by mine!


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