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I'm writing this from the Portland Airport on my way to Las Vegas for my best friend, Laura's, bachelorette party! The weather report is predicting rain this weekend. Seriously, WTF Vegas? You're a desert.

Forecast aside, I'm fully prepared for the weekend. I even got a spray tan (judge me.) When eleven girls are involved you never know when the inspiration for celebration will strike! So, it's best to have confetti on hand, at. all. times.

Here's a how-to for the confetti-filled bachelorette favors I made for the occasion:

  • Hole Punch Confetti - apparently you can buy massive amounts of this from party stores for a few dollars. I didn't know that, so I've been emptying out every hole puncher in the office for the last year.
  • Glassine Envelopes - ordered from ClearBags.Com (talk about a useful website, the internet rocks!)
  • Washi Tape
  • Copier

  1. write your message. I printed "in the event of spontaneous celebration" on these waxy bags by taping them onto a piece of paper and putting them through a xerox machine. I'm sure there's a more technological way to do it.
  2. fill with confetti
  3. tape closed with washi (patterned masking) tape
and done! They're ready for you to tear open in the moment of spontaneous celebration.

(photos and project design) by Samantha Shorey


  1. Love this! My husband Graham just landed in Vegas. He was pissed about the weather report too! Especially because it was 88 degrees on Monday. Have a great weekend!

    1. Kate, I read on your blog that he was there to see Bon Iver! I'm so jealous. I would have loved that more than any DJ set imaginable.

  2. i love that this tutorial involves nothing that is overly complicated. collecting scraps from your own hole punch. running the glassine bags through the copier sounds just right to me. ingenuity strikes again!

  3. these are absolutely brilliant. I need to make some of these and carry them in my purse just in case!

    1. they definitely came in handy! You never know when you might need a little confetti(I have a flair for the dramatic)

  4. That looks like so much fun. Fun + easy to do = awesomeness!

  5. These are too perfect for a celebration! I kind of want to keep them on hand for any moment. Who knows when something worth celebrating will happen?

  6. Can you please explain how exactly you ran this through the copier? Did you type the letters mirrored?

    Thank you :)

    1. Hi there! It's a little janky - but I just used scotch tape to tape the bags to a piece of paper. I started by first printing the message on the paper (as a guide) and then centering the bags over that message so I'd know where to print. It was a little tedious but worked relatively easily.

      You don't have to print the letters mirrored (since it works just like regular printing) unless you are using something like tattoo paper. Hope that helps!

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