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Being a resident of San Diego for four years made me a Mexican Food enthusiast. Once, I woke up to a half eaten burrito on my nightstand. And my cell phone was inside of it.   After living so close to the border (... I accidentally drove to Mexico, multiple times) it's surprising that my favorite Mexican food would be found here in Portland. 

Por Que No is about half a block from my apartment, and remains one of the first places I take visitors (and locals ... and myself, when I'm a little hungover). The line stretches around the block for nearly every hour it's abierto but I insist it's worth the wait. 

The restaurant itself is in a small stucco house, and the inside is decorated down to an inch with string lights, banners, and icons. Seating is limited, but usually not a problem, thanks to sidewalk tables and a garage patio. Por Que No was one of the first businesses to open on Mississippi Street - in it's current "revitalized" incarnation - and the owner's family are long time North Portlanders. The servers split tips with the kitchen 50/50 (almost unheard of in the restaurant biz), which is just one more reason this restaurant embodies the community attitude I love about this city. 

eat : pescado tacos. cornmeal crusted white fish, cilantro and pineapple.
drink: agua fresca margarita
do: sidewalk chalk in the sunshine.
a little locals tip : don't order a burrito (not on the menu!) or sit down before you've ordered at the counter.

Por Que No Taqueria is located in North Portland on Mississippi and Fremont, with a second location on SE Hawthorn

(photos) on film with pentax k1000


  1. Mmmmm.. I'm craving the Brian's Bowl or a chorizo taco now. After living in the Southwest all my life and seeing Mexican restaurants on nearly every block, it was strange to move to Portland. We found Por Que not long after we moved here, and I have to say it just might be a favorite (ever) of mine as well. It's just so good. We should have a girls night there sometime eh?

  2. oh dear. you've got me craving everything pictured. glad to get a peek into a place that looks so delicious!

  3. Looks so yummy! I've started to really dig Mexican restaurants lately. Small places like this have the freshest, best food, and everything is so delicious!

  4. And you now made me want to jump on a plane all the way to Portland just to eat there. Looks delicious!

  5. That burrito story is priceless! I bet everyone has a good late night college story involving Mexican food. Could we make some kind of anthology?


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