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A special blog-girl invited me over for a dinner party potluck called Breakfast for Supper. I was nervous at first. It was in southeast and I, like most Portlanders, can be very compartmentalized about my side of the city. Then there's my shyness around people who are cooler than I am - which was surly going to be the crowd. And then there's the fact that everything I cook turns out "cajun" ... otherwise known as burned to a crisp. 
My friend Christopher told me : "pot-luck" is just a nice word for "cooking competition". So, I ambitiously baked Cinnamon-Bun Bites from March's Martha Stewart Living. It was my first ever success (and to be fair, also my first ever not-an-epic-failure).

I'm glad I got into the kitchen and out of my borough.  What a wonderful feeling to be part of something. 

 (photos) on film, pentax k1000. a few more on flickr (thanks) hostess with the most-est, Ms. Cara.  
(recipe) Martha's Cinnamon-Bun Bites


  1. a candlelight breakfast all looks perfect to me. Hopefully you will step out and be a part of it again. I'm always so happy with myself when I do something that's not usually "me."

  2. looks like fun! cara always seems to be up to something awesome! :)

  3. 1. no one is cooler than you. 2. gimme ALL of those bunz. yumz.

  4. That is such a great dinner party idea - may steal it someday. And hooray for culinary success and meeting special blog friends - two of my favorite things. :)

  5. these are fabulous! thank you. and so happy to have you. excited to see you much more often. even if that means i have to crawl out of my southeast shell.


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