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In honor of the holy day of eggs, I thought I'd share with you my favorite easy egg recipe. I learned to cook this when I was traveling in South America, and when I got home I was so excited to make it. I even made a huge production out of it : inviting friends, going to the grocery store by myself (which required carrying the eggs in my bike basket) and secretively preparing it in the kitchen. As soon as the plate hit the table, Andy said "Oh, Egg-in-a-Hole! Like the masked guy cooks for Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta".  So, it turns out this recipe is neither secret nor South American. But it is easy to make and fun to eat. 

materials :
Dave's Killer 21 Grain Bread
  1. Dave's Killer Bread is half the success of this recipe. When it's cooked in butter the bread tastes vaguely sweet and the seeds get crunchy. 
  2. tear the center out of the bread by pushing your thumb through the center, and pulling from there.
  3. melt a tablespoon of butter in a nonstick pan. I've tried plenty of times to do this with a fancy (regular) frying pan, and every time I break the yolk. 
  4. this is the trick: turn the heat down as low, low, low! Place the bread in the pan and gently crack an egg into the empty hole. 
  5. let it sit until you can see that the white is cooking in the center, about 3 minutes. 
  6. side a spatula under the piece of bread and flip it over.
  7. let this side cook for 2 more minutes.
  8. plate up, break open, dip and eat. 

(photos) the first five are on film with pentax k1000. The last two are with instagram, since I was careless counting my film frames and I finished the roll too soon.


  1. yum! I've seen this before, but never with instructions! I am challenged in the kitchen, but I think even I might be able to tackle this. I know what I'm having for dinner! :)

    1. Erin, this was the second thing I learned how to make with out using a recipe. and it's so good with hot sauce!

  2. One of my favorites, but I hardly ever remember to make it for myself, odd as that sounds. I know what I'm eating for breakfast tomorrow!

    Sidenote : I have that tablecloth. on my table. right now. <3

  3. A favorite of mine! I use the top of a juice glass to cut the whole and eat the little piece of soft bread with some jam after I finish the egg.

    1. Andee, you are so professional about it! I'll have to try that next time I'm cooking breakfast for someone I wake up with and want to impress.

    2. Sounds good! And sorry for my typo above! My fingers got ahead of my brain. *hole (eek)


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